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The moment has arrived, it’s up to them! We still talk about Galateo , but this time about taxi drivers . Yes, because they too must have a specific behavior during their service. Last November the provisions launched in Rome in favor of a “cultural etiquette” for taxi drivers .

This initiative saw the start of a series of practical English courses , general cultural education on the city and a culture of hospitality(based also on the culture of the passenger’s country of origin). Taxi drivers play an important role in relation to tourists and national and international visitors, on many occasions they are in fact the first and main point of reference once they arrive in the city. Hence the aim of these courses is to ensure customers enjoyable and quality travel experiences so that the image of the city, even from the first impression, can be positive for the external visitor.

But from a strictly practical point of view, how should taxi drivers behave? What “good manners” should they follow?

A smile and go

The manners and the ‘ education are essential, and they are for everyone. A beautiful smile, the right courtesy and cordiality are always welcome tricks: you always give “her” to your customers, follow a conversation if the passenger wants to chat, inform them about the duration of the journey and possible delays due to traffic. And if, in addition to loading any luggage, you also open the door, well done! They are all gestures and devices that are undoubtedly noticed and appreciated.

Spring cleaning … and more!

It is imperative: the taxi must be impeccable. After all, your taxi is a bit like your own home: it is therefore important to keep your car clean and tidy , make sure to “ventilate” frequently, avoid too intense perfumers that could be annoying and so on. The journey must be as pleasant and comfortable as possible for the passenger.

What the hell are you wearing?!

Even driving is important to wear decent clothing : yes to the sportsman, but avoid clothing that is too casual like short shorts in the summer, or too “shabby” like crumpled or ruined shirts, you are still in your workplace!

Background noises

Many customers like to travel in absolute silence and tranquility because they live in a taxi as a moment to read emails or messages, rest their minds, get lost in their thoughts. Then minimize any disturbing noise such as loud music, annoying and embarrassing conversations with colleagues or other hands-free people. Even eating in the car while driving or chewing chewing gum can be included among the “unpleasant noises”, so avoid doing so when the customer might see you!

All clear? Always give the best impression to your customers because you remember: positive word of mouth not only rewards the city you work in but also your taxi cooperative and the whole category!😉

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