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Can you imagine a situation where someone who owns a fleet of taxis in Los Angeles, California takes the extra time and expense to have all of his taxi windshield replacements shipped from a supplier in McKinney, Texas? Why would a savvy business owner spend the extra money to do something like that? The simple answer to that question is trust and dependability.

Johnny has been the owner of one of the biggest taxi companies in the Los Angeles area for more than 25 years. Over this period of time he has seen just about everything when it comes to damaged windshields. For example, one early morning a wild coyote jumped off a freeway ramp directly onto one of his approaching taxis. The windshield was completely shattered.

For years, Johnny was faithful and had all of his damaged windshields purchased from either local or California auto glass suppliers. However, as he went through almost every auto glass supplier in the Los Angeles area, he became discouraged. Either they would send him the wrong size windshield, a low-quality windshield, or a damaged windshield. Johnny became so frustrated that he decided to look out-of-state for a reputable auto glass supplier.

He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that there was an windshield replacement McKinney supplier in Texas that had an excellent reputation for quality products and service. He decided to give them a try and had 3 windshields shipped via FedEx from Texas to California. Each one of these 3 windshields fit perfectly, were top-notch quality, and had no imperfections. Johnny was elated and thereafter he decided to have all of his windshield orders sent from McKinley, Texas.

The moral of the story is quite simple when choosing windshield replacement McKinney. You always get what you pay for but sometimes you may need to do some serious searching to find the perfect solution or product.

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