How to become a Taxi Driver in Portland Oregon and how much you earn


Any young woman who sets foot in Manhattan has only one desire: to wear a pink tutu and shyly raise her right arm by leaning over the road to stop the taxi, feeling even for a few moments Carrie Bradshaw, the star of the famous TV series Sex & the City.

Taxis are one of the undisputed symbols of New York , also because until a few decades ago in our country they were not so widespread and in the common imagination of the average Italian they were a somewhat exotic luxury that few could afford.

Surely films like Taxi Driver have contributed to making the figure of the taxi driver even more intense and mysterious , charging her with a particular charm, but it is actually a rather unique job: there are no other trades in which you come into contact every day, in such an intimate and restricted environment as the cockpit of a car, with so many people who don’t know each other for a few tens of minutes when you can tell each other everything or you can choose not to communicate verbally.

Surely it is not a job for everyone, it takes initiative and a good dose of liver can certainly not be missed, but the job of the taxi driver can give many satisfactions. For this reason we have decided to offer you this little guide with some suggestions on how to become a taxi driver and how much this profession can be profitable

How to become a Taxi Driver?
The taxi driver takes care of transporting customers from one area of ​​the city to another and the taxi driver can join radio taxi cooperatives or work independently . If the taxi driver is part of a cooperative, when he is on duty he will receive calls from customers who are sorted by the call center or will wait in the appropriate taxi ranks. If instead he works independently he will not have the call center facility, so he will have to wait for potential customers in strategic areas.

What are the “ingredients” needed to become a taxi driver?
Surely a good taxi driver can not be a fan of driving, also because the job is carried out precisely at the wheel and often not in the best conditions, especially in a big city where the risk of being trapped in traffic is very high, and must know at perfection the streets of the city where he works. Another fundamental characteristic that a taxi driver cannot miss is the predisposition to the relationship with the other: you must have a particular intuition in understanding what kind of passenger you are dealing with, if you want to have a conversation or prefer to take a silent journey. And then, as with all entrepreneurial jobs, a great deal of initiative is needed.

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